Silvan’s Spotpak Redline 25 Litre Trolley Sprayer Fulfills Many Needs

The new Silvan Spotpak Redline 25 Litre Trolley Sprayer with its rechargeable battery pack is quickly finding its niche as a key aid to landscape and garden maintenance contractors, larger garden or small property owners and for all types of maintenance tasks including herbicide, insecticide, basic pesticide or liquid fertiliser applications.
Trailed on two wheels with a convenient tow handle the Spotpak Redline Sprayer is fitted with a six-metre length of a delivery hose with a spot spray gun at the end of a 550mm stainless steel hose extension.
The power is provided by a self-priming twelve-volt DC electric PAKPUMP fitted with Viton valves and a thermoplastic urethane diaphragm.
The pump provides a 2.6 litre per minute open flow with a low current draw, so that on a full charge the sprayer will provide 1.5 hours of use or the equivalent of spraying three tank loads.
Complementing the sprayer’s efficiency and durability the tank is an impact resistant ultra violet stabilised Polytuff construction.
The tank is fitted with an anti-spill breather and retaining ring to prevent accidental loss of the contents.
It is also supplied with a 650ml capacity chemical measuring jug to assist in making up the contents to be applied and that tucks away beneath the filler lid.
The rechargeable twelve-volt battery is readily charged from a mains source (with the charger supplied) to keep the unit ready for any spot spraying or application needs.
As a trailed unit, the Spotpak Redline Trolley Sprayer provides consistent spraying without the physical constraints imposed by a back pack or similar hand sprayer choice.
The new portable sprayer is a welcome addition to the equipment lists of contractors, parks and garden, or other grounds maintenance needs.
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