Silvan’s New Avo Jet Tall Tree Sprayer

Silvan Australia has released its new Avo Jet auxiliary spray unit designed for targeted spraying in tall trees such as avocados, mangoes and macadamias.
A key feature is the hydraulically driven fan that delivers a high velocity air stream into the top of the canopy. When combined with Silvan’s patented Radak conveyor, the Avo Jet provides complete tree coverage.
The Avo Jet is fitted with four adjustable cannon jet nozzles per side assisted by five air outlets to direct the chemical into the top of the tree which can be difficult to reach and is often the area where pest and disease pressure is at its highest.
When fully extended for spraying, the Avo Jet stands five metres above the ground and is mounted to a hydraulically controlled frame which can be conveniently lowered from the tractor cab for road transport and storage. The Avo Jet can be fitted to any Silvan 4000L orchard sprayer in conjunction with the Radak conveyor.
Silvan Australia’s spraying product specialist David Carr says that his company’s long experience and leadership in spraying equipment and accessories confirms that it is important to adapt to the changing needs of farmers.
“We are regularly talking to farmers about the challenges they face in managing pests and disease”.
“The development of the Avo Jet was a direct response to listening to the needs of fruit growers for a product that directs chemical into the top of tall trees and compliments the proven Silvan Radak conveyor” Mr Carr says.
For further information: call Silvan on 0508 SILVAN (0508 745 826) or email [email protected] for technical information.

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