After its launch two years ago, the Silvan Turbo SCRAM vineyard sprayer has quickly proven itself as the sprayer of choice with its market leading Turbomiser spraying technology.

The Turbo SCRAM combines the unparalleled coverage and water savings of Silvan’s Turbomiser technology with the efficiency and safety advantages of a cutting edge hydraulic drive fan system, to create the next generation in ultra-efficient crop protection.

A key feature is the application of the 320mm diameter German made high performance hydraulic drive centrifugal fans that are engineered to provide the high air velocity needed for optimum spray coverage.

The fans also draw their air from two metres high with one fan on each of the air tube of the sprayer. Key benefits are the even air distribution and the elimination of leaf blockages or fruit damage by a sandblasting effect.

Each of the fans operate highly efficiently and at a low noise level and are powered by the hitch mounted hydraulic power pack which can be disengaged during tank fills and spray agitation increasing operator safety. The hitch also allows for a tighter turning circle especially headland turns at the end of rows.

The Turbo SCRAM retains the specially designed air tube from the popular Evo grape sprayer that creates multiple high velocity air streams to eliminate shadowing to achieve optimal spray coverage.

In addition to the 2000 litre Turbo SCRAM, Silvan has now introduced 3000, 3500 and 4000 litre tank capacities into the range with a choice of either two or three row spraying.

Other key features are a fully galvanised rectangular hollow section steel chassis frame and spray boom assembly with a hydraulic opening and closing function plus rollers for easy row width adjustment or optional hydraulic row width adjustment.

In combination the Turbomiser technology that allows individual spray nozzle rate control with low nozzle wear and with a narrow droplet spectrum. This enables target spraying to be achieved for excellent coverage and more efficient use of spray chemicals.

Silvan’s product specialist Dean Cocks says that the development of the Turbo SCRAM was the result of extensive research to provide what growers want.

“In creating the Silvan Turbo SCRAM we employed feedback from a number of leading vineyard owners, managers and operators on the features they were seeking.

“Everyone in the field is driven by input costs and in vineyard spraying operations the challenges today are to apply spray chemicals to maximum benefit, to achieve the most effective coverage into the vine canopy and to avoid downtime or reduced efficacy.

“We are now seeing the Silvan Turbo SCRAM deliver on its potential in meeting today’s demands of efficient and high quality grape production” Mr Cocks says.

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