Silvan Selecta Flat-Free Hand Trolley Handles Loads Up To 150kg

A durable, easy to use hand trolley is an often needed and a useful aid to have at hand in the home, workplace or workshop and to equip a delivery vehicle.

Silvan Australia has responded to this need with an inexpensive yet highly durable and useful hand trolley introduced into its Selecta merchandise range.

The Selecta Hand Trolley has a strong and durable welded steel frame that has a hammertone industrial paint finish.

The Selecta Hand Trolley has an easy to fold down multi-purpose flat platform surface that makes it ideal for moving or delivering larger loads like awkward shapes or big boxes weighing up to 150 kilograms.

The Selecta Trolley is fitted with 10” diameter puncture proof, flat free wheels that aid its mobility and ensures there will never be any downtime due to a flat wheel.

It will aid in reducing lifting or movement caused occupational sprains or injuries.

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