These two, portable, FC400W and FC440W model, 70L evaporative air conditioners are ideally suited to a variety of purposes.

FC440 & FC400
FC400 (Pictured Left), FC440 (Pictured Right)

Powered by a quiet running, 230V electric motor, robust construction they are ideal for shearing and farm machinery sheds, workshops, garages, retail shops, patios, outdoor events and marquees.

The 400W model produces a maximum air flow of 9000 cubic metres an hour while the bigger 440W model, puts out 12,000 cu metres an hour. The smaller model is effective over 30-50 sq metres and the bigger one 70-100 sq metres.

A water level indicator shows when water levels are low. An electric level sensor shows when no water remains. The 70L capacity internal tank can then be filled with a garden tap or bucket. A tank level ball valve switches the water off when the water tank is refilled. The unit can be operated without water as a high-volume air fan.

Water consumption ranges from 10-20 litres an hour. A drain plug allows for the tank to be emptied.

A swing function provides for air to be directed over a wide arc. Another feature is an automatic start/stop timer function timer. In addition, the three-speed fan speed and all functions can be adjusted with a remote control or the control panel on the cooler.

Four swivel wheels, two with locking function allows for the unit to be moved around easily.

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