A Good Wash Down With New Silvan Detergent Foam Gun

Every piece of gear – a tractor, header, earthmoving equipment, a utility or other mobile vehicle, or any good machinery item needs a regular clean up.

Removing the dust, grime and even oils, greases or other spills that build up over time can be easily done with the new Silvan Foam Gun.

Operating at mains pressure by simply attaching to even a low-pressure hose supply the Foam Gun with its Venturi injection will maximise detergent foam coverage.

Built from state of the art polypropylene and fibreglass, the gun is lightweight weighing only 265 grams. The fan shaped nozzle disperses the foam in a wide area.

Fitted using a half-inch hose connector there is an easy action lockable trigger with a working pressure of 3 to 6 bar (or 43.5 to 87psi).

The Silvan Foam Gun is recommended for use with a diluted chemical detergent concentration of 3.4% in line with the manufacturer’s recommendations.

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