Fire Season Creates Peak Demand For Slasher Use

Experienced property owners from small acreage to hobby farm, or a larger production unit will acknowledge that behind their tractor a pto powered slasher was probably their first implement purchase.
And the slasher will still be regarded as their most important aid for regular clean ups in paddocks, for pasture topping, or along roadsides and driveways, in tree plantations and between permanent plantings of grapevines or olives for grass or weed control.
The slasher work takes on seasonal importance as soon as the spring regrowth begins to dry out for fire protection and management purposes and the construction of breaks along fence lines or bordering the physical assets of home or infrastructure.
Long established Australian company Silvan Australia both designs and manufactures to the highest standards a range of slashers with performance characteristics that ideally match the tractor horsepower available as well as the intensity of use from around the property tasks to full scale heavy duty contractor versions.
The Silvan slasher range includes medium duty versions that are ideal for general farm use for cutting and clearing to heavy duty models suited to large scale farm applications and for contractors clearing rough growth.
Most of the decks are built from 6 mm heavy duty steel and galvanised for extra durability and corrosion resistance.
Silvan also selects tough boron steel for the cutting blades with a stepped design that protects the rotor.
High quality rotor shafts are also provided with the appropriate covers to prevent accidental engagement and increased operator safety.
For heavy duty applications the larger versions can be optioned up with chain stone guards that are bolt on and easily replaced without welding.
Another option is a single or double height control wheel with a ratchet height adjustment for applications where a consistent surface coverage is sought.
Silvan Australia’s machinery spokesman Raph Hymus says that the company always build up its seasonal production ahead of the peak pre-summer fire prevention works period.
“We know that our clients want to purchase a new slasher straight away and don’t want to wait until one comes off the production line.
“The first step to acquiring the right Silvan slasher is to know your tractor specifications and the type of slashing work that is proposed.
“From this point the right decisions will be made and work can commence on fire protection works, general property clean up or pasture topping work and for vineyards and olive groves the regular interrow grass control work can be easily completed.”
For more information contact Silvan on 0508 SILVAN (0508 745 826) or email [email protected]

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Silvan’s popular series of slashers are ideal for multiple clean-up of vegetation or pasture improvement projects on all scales of property and includes the popular 131 heavy duty slasher shown with a 1.5 metre working width.

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