Avoid Running Out Of Fuel With Selecta 200 Litre 12 Volt ECO Diesel Transfer Tank

With machinery on the go on farms or construction worksites or remote from pumped sources where it is ideal to keep machinery operating without stoppages caused by running out of fuel the new Selecta ECO 200 Litre Diesel Transfer Unit from Silvan Australia provides the ideal contingency solution.
As well as the convenience of transferring diesel easily and to avoid spillage the new Selecta ECO Diesel Transfer Unit is the ideal self-contained fuel source to carry on a utility, or one tonne tray or service vehicle.
The Selecta ECO Diesel Transfer Unit has a 200-litre capacity Polytuff tank that is ultra violet stabilised for a durability under outdoor exposure.
The tank is also moulded to facilitate access or loading by forklift forks when filled.
The diesel transfer is effected by a 40 litre per minute open flow self-priming pump designed to access the twelve-volt supply of the vehicle itself with the 3 metre length of power cord supplied complete with alligator clips.
There is a 4 metre length of three quarter inch delivery hose with a swivel and manual shut off nozzle.
With a compact footprint of 1,030 mm in length by 580 mm in width and a height of 535 mm the empty weight of the 200 litre capacity unit is only 21 kg.
The Selecta range of diesel transfer units range from 100 to 2,200 litres in tank capacity supported by a wide choice of diesel pump and delivery options.
However, the 200 Selecta ECO Diesel Transfer Unit is considered one of the best choices for having an emergency or back-up source of diesel at hand.

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